Information for disabled visitors can be found here:

Map with accessible ways for wheelchairs:



Is there a disabled access through Cologne station (lift/wheelchair)?
Yes, all entrance areas, shops and toilets are accessible with a wheelchair. There´s also an electric lift available for passengers with restricted mobility to enable unimpeded boarding of the train.
For a reliable service you should register in advance:
central mobility service
monday to friday: 8 am till 8 pm
saturday: 8 am till 2 pm 
phone: +49 (0) 1805  512512 (12 cent per minute)

for short registrations:
3-S-Zentrale Köln
phone: +49 (0) 221 1411055


Does the local station 'Heumarkt' have disabled access?
Yes, there´s full accessibility to all platforms and trains.


How much approximately does it cost to take a taxi from Cologne Central Station or Cologne Airport to the venue?
From Cologne Central Station to the venue: approx. 5,00 € to 7,00 €
From Cologne Airport to the venue: 32,00 € to 35,00 € ( during the night it might be 40 €)


Which hotels have disabled access and adapted rooms? How is it possible to reserve adapted rooms?
Almost every suggested hotel is disabled-friendly  (except hotel “Flandrischer Hof”) and most of them have adapted rooms available– but it´s better to request each hotel for the availability, because the hotels are often just equipped with one disabled-friendly room. (Hotel Ibis Cologne Centre has for example 3 wheelchair accessible rooms)  


Is there a disabled access route (no steps & dropped curbs) from all the suggested hotels to the venue? If not, which hotel is nearest or would you recommend for wheelchair users?
As you can read above, you probably have to book rooms in different hotels as there´s often just one disabled-friendly room available.  But the nearest/easiest ones would be “Dorint Hotel am Heumarkt”, “XII Apostel Albergo”, “Hotel Mondial am Dom”, “Ibis Hotel am Dom”


Is local transport access to the party easy for disabled persons? And how far is this from the conference center?
Unfortunately it´s not the easiest way from Gürzenich to Flora cologne. You can take line 5 from “Heumarkt” to Cologne Central Station and then line 18 to “Riehl Zoo/Flora” - this station is about 300 meters away from Flora cologne. It would be easier to take a taxi from the conference center to the party.