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ESE Speaker Awards

What would ESE Kongress be without the speakers who, despite the hectic pace of their everyday business, invest time and passion in order to share their experience and know-how?

As a special recognition to the ESE speakers, we honor the best-rated with the Top Speaker Award. In addition, the "Newcomer Award" goes to best rated "new entry" among the speakers.

The Awards will be presented during the evening event on Wednesday 04 Dec. 24.

Speaker Awards ESE 2023

Jan Altenberg

Jan Altenberg
Wo ist der Flaschenhals? Performance-Analyse von
Embedded-Linux-Systemen (Seminar)

Florian Benkert

Frank Benkert
Mitarbeiter nachhaltig motivieren

René Graf

Dr. René Graf
What the Hack?! Wie Hackathons ein Entwicklungsteam voranbringen

Christian Wenzel-Benner

Christian Wenzel-Benner
Uhrendrift in verteilten eingebetteten Systemen

Newcomer Award 2023

Simon Duque-Anton

Dr. Simon Duque-Anton 
KI: Wunsch und Wirklichkeit