to the VfS Annual Conference 2024: September 15 - 18 in Berlin

Registration is open! Start with the button on the left: Register as attendee.

All participants, speakers, and attendees must register for the VfS Annual Conference to gain access to the events of our annual conference 2024. You can also experience the award ceremonies at two evening receptions.

Please use your existing user account to register for the conference if you already have one (e.g. if you have submitted a paper already). If not, please create a new one. You can find all your documents related to the conference in your user account.

Open Meeting: The papers will be reviewed by independent reviewers. The first information on the result can be expected by the end of May, i.e., whether your paper or session is accepted for presentation or remained on the waiting list. Please be aware that only the submitter will be informed via email, and there is a short deadline for the confirmation of the paper, the registration of the presenter and the payment. For publication, the current version of a paper can be uploaded via CONVERIA until 1 September 2024. Later changes are only possible directly via EconStor.

The registration for the conference is supported by Converia, a conference management application.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Berlin!

The Programme Committee