High quality papers can be submitted to the following journals. The regular review process will be adapted.

Journal of Hazardous Materials (IF 14.2)
„Emerging per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS): sources, environmental distribution, fate, and human exposure profile”
Guest Editors: Da Chen, Amina Salamova, Amila De Silva

Environment International (IF 13.4)
Trace elements affect environmental, human and wildlife health
(needs to be confirmed)
Guest Editors: Jörg Rinklebe, Christian Sonne, Jörg Feldmann, Gijs Du Laing, Lutz Schomburg, Nanthi Bolan

Environmental Pollution (IF 9.99)
“Climate Change, Mercury Pollution, and Global Ecology”
Guest editors: Michael Bank, Zoyne Pedrero-Zayas, Baohua Gu, Milena Horvat, Vernon Somerset, Lynwill Martin

“Biogenic and abiogenic silicon interacts with toxic trace elements in soil and plants”
(short title: “Si and metals in plants”)

“The research of emerging contaminants in aqueous environment: detection, toxicity, transformation, fate, remediation and mitigation” (short title: “E-Contaminants-2023c”)

“Biochar for remediation of emerging inorganic pollutants in the environment”

Science of the Total Environment (IF 10.8)
New Approaches in Environmental Remediation of Metal(loid)-Contaminated Soils”
Guest Editors: Michael Komárek, Diego Baragaño, Ivan Carabante, Juan Antelo

Environmental Geochemistry and Health (IF 4.9)
“Fate, Speciation Analysis and Ecotoxicology of Emerging Metallic Contaminants (Technology-Critical Elements: TCEs) in Aquatic Environments: current Knowledge and Future Challenges”
Guest Editors: Carlos Eduardo Monteiro, Melina Abdou, Antonio Cobelo-García, Miguel Caetano, Jörg Schäfer

Applied Geochemistry (IF 3.8)
“Geochemical modelling of trace elements – from the lab to the field”
Guest Editors: Jon Petter Gustafsson, Carin Sjöstedt, Dan Berggren Kleja, Geert Cornelis

MDPI Toxics (IF 4.5)
"Rare Trace Elements in Plants: Translocation, Accumulation and Toxicity"
Guest Editor: Irina Shtangeeva